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Years ago, engineering careers were out of the reach of most women. As it is well known, times have changed and women are becoming important contributors to this technical field. It is now time for women engineers to cross another bridge. This step involves combining their strong career goals with another side of life – Greek life.

Phi Sigma Rho was the dream of two women engineers at Purdue University in 1984. They envisioned a social sorority comprised of women in engineering and engineering technology, supporting one another while living and working together. With the growing number of women entering these areas, the idea seemed feasible, and the future demand for this type of organization seemed certain...

The purpose of founding Phi Sigma Rho was to offer women engineers a new alternative to the existing sororities – an alternative that would provide the atmosphere of a social sorority, yet consider the demands placed upon engineering students.

Phi Sigma Rho is also a helping hand, a listening ear, and a gentle push to keep all of us trying our best [in engineering] as individuals as well as a group.

(Excerpt from the March/April 1986 U.S. Women Engineer Magazine’s article Phi Sigma Rho: Another Bridge Crossed)

Since 1984, Phi Sigma Rho has expanded from a single chapter at Purdue University to a strong and continually expanding network of 35 chapters across the United States!

Founders' Day

September 24, 1984


Together we build the future


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Omicron Chapter Heritage

In the fall of 2002, Phi Sigma Rho reached out to Case Western Reserve University about forming an interest group. At the time, CWRU only had four sororities, all founded at least 20 years prior. There were those on campus who felt that CWRU had no need for a sorority such as ours. Many felt that there were enough sororities to meet demand, while others thought a more specialized sorority would have trouble surviving.

However, equally many women felt a social sorority designed specifically to support women in engineering was sorely needed. At the time, only 18 percent of the engineering school was female. It was this desire to build a sorority experience for engineering women that led the Alpha and Beta Class members to initiate as the Omicron Chapter in December 2003.

Since our founding, our chapter has watched the Greek community at CWRU continue to grow and flourish. The chapter that some doubted was necessary for the community became one of the many additions to the Greek community. Many years later, the Phi Sigma Rho Omicron Chapter remains a home for over 25 classes of women in STEM and a proud member of an ever-growing national organization.

Founders' Day

December 6, 2003


From diverse pasts, united through engineering, forever we are sisters


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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Christine Duval

Chemical Engineering Department

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