Welcome to your public website hosted by OrgSync! The layout, design, and content of the website can be customized and updated from within your portal. 

If you would like to customize this template to match your own site, or do something more creative, feel free. Though, making major template changes will require a basic understanding of HTML & CSS. Otherwise, all content updates and general maintenance can be done via the page editor by someone with little to no code experience.

To access the ‘Website Builder,’ select the ‘Website’ option located along your portal’s left-hand toolbar. If you do not see this module, click here to learn how to enable it.

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If you'd like to use these columns in your design, you can replace this paragraph with your own text in the regular Editor view, or switch to Source and see the div tags you'll need to stay within. Change the newsfeed to your portal's news in Template Elements -> Footer.

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