The mission of Students Meeting About Risk and Responsibility Training (SMARRT) is to promote a Culture of Care in the Greek community, where every member takes responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing as well as the safety and wellbeing of every other Greek student. SMARRT is run by a group of Greek student leaders who create educational programs and initiatives about issues facing the Greek community. The most well-known SMARRT programs are the one-hour topic-specific training programs led by two undergraduate Greek leaders. Chapter officers can request these programs online and will converse with the SMARRT leaders prior to the training to discuss goals and expectations. The three overall training topics that can be tailored to fit your chapter are SMARRT Substance, SMARRT Sex, and SMARRT Self.


This program, previously known as Alcohol and Other Drugs, looks at the psychological, social, and physical reasons for substance use and impacts of substance abuse. Program participants will discuss how to make SMARRT choices around substances and how to help other Greek students to do the same. Individual training sessions can be tailored to chapter goals, including reducing the amount of drug use in a chapter, stopping underage drinking, planning safe alcohol-related events, or other topics that the chapter will provide.


Taking a holistic look at all issues dealing with sex and sexuality, SMARRT Sex goes beyond the previous Sexual Assault conversations. SMARRT Sex leaders are trained to discuss everything from how to have an emotionally healthy relationship to safe sex tips to supporting a sexual assault survivor.


Previously known as healthy living and wellness, the SMARRT Self leaders look at all aspects of personal wellbeing. They are ready to discuss exercise, healthy eating, sleep, stress, mental health, or other topics that come up with the chapter. This conversation can be influential in helping chapter members better manage their time and take care of themselves beyond the classroom walls.