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Alexander E Tryjankowski  
About Alexander
I was initiated into the Beta Nu chapter of Theta Chi in the fall of my first year at Case Western (2014). Currently, I am Secretary for the fraternity. My major is Computer Science and I enjoy long walks on the beach.

Brian W Pappas  
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Bryce E Downing  
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David C Lance  
About David
Hello, I am David Lance, class of 2018 at this wonderful place we call Case. I am a Computer Science Major. Whilst here I have become an initiated brother of the Beta Nu chapter of Theta Chi in the Spring of 2015. Along with being the being involved in Theta Chi I have also taken an active role in the Hacker's Society on Campus.

Hayden Nelson  
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Jackson D Kishbaugh-Maish  
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Jared Cassarly  
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Joseph C Picard  
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Kristopher T Sabatini  
About Kristopher
My name is Kris Sabatini. I was intiated in Theta Chi in the Spring of 2014. Currently, I am working on a duel major in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace. As vice president of Theta Chi, I enjoy laying down the law and bureaucracy. My biggest dream in life is to be the first person to yodel on Mars. I was President of CWRU Mock Trial and remain active in the program.

Matthew J Trowbridge  
About Matthew
Hello! I'm a mechanical engineering major and technical theater minor, as well as a brother of Theta Chi fraternity since spring 2015. I enjoy fencing and also serve as (sort of) Technical Director for the CWRU musical theater group The Footlighters.

Michael A Bending  
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Michael L Schaffer  
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Robert A Park  
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Shota Nemoto  
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