Beta Nu of Theta Chi

Mental Health Awareness Week

During the Fall semester of 2014, Beta Nu put on a week-long series of events addressing and combating mental illness and its stigmas. We called it Mental Health Awareness Week, or MHA for short. Over the course of seven days, we held an open mic night (in which individuals could come and share their stories), hosted a speaker from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), passed out awareness ribbons, and chalked positive and encouraging messages on the quadrangle’s “chalkboard” – famously called the “Spitball.” The most tender moments of the week occurred when brothers simply comforted those who have experienced mental illness and stress in the past and present; indeed, one professor echoed the sentiments of many when he told us that he could not believe a fraternal organization would tenaciously address mental health with such seriousness and humility. The week concluded with a MHA postmortem event in which brothers resolved to make the love and support given during the week a continual practice.

We look forward to continuing this new Beta Nu tradition for many years to come; we embrace those who have felt or continue to feel the burden of mental struggle, big or small, diagnosed or undiagnosed. You are not alone.

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